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In order to improve your efficiency at work, we provide a clean and neat office environment.
Compared to the office designs of other business centers, MACUS B’s design principle is to maximize sunlight and achieve a comfortable level of brightness throughout the office and provide a high quality desk, an office chair that conforms to ergonomics design, personal three drawer bureau, steel three drawer document bureau, Cisco Telephony System as well as high speed and secure fiber-optic Internet and Wi-Fi wireless LAN access and so on.

We believe you can yield twice the results with half the effort while working in such an enjoyable, bright and fashionable office. 

In addition, we also offer various conference room rental and secretary services, professional consultation, translation and interpretation, accounting and auditing, Web/PC application, business license application, registration, patent, trade mark, particular business operation, bank relation, and other business services.

In general, our service scope covers all kinds of office affairs required for a new business establishment.

As MACUS BC deploys Cisco Telephony System with a well- equipped control room facility, we have hundreds of phone numbers available for your assignment and you can acquire an individual DID immediately.


Cisco Telephony System is different from other similar systems, in terms of cost saving on phone bill, along with other unique, powerful and convenient features available for your choice. In MACUS BC, we not only provide you corporate contact phone number and extra lines as requested, but also personal DID setup services according to your preference.

MACUS BC also provides the most advanced high-speed, secure fiber-optic internet and Wi-Fi Wireless LAN access for you to jump start your operation at Taipei office within 15 minutes.

MACUS BC’s clients can use the office address as its own contact address free of charge while applying for corporation registration via MACROCPAs. Your company would be located and registered in the prime business district in the Taipei City, whether lease our CEO office or Virtual/Mobile office.

MACUS BC’s business partner MACROCPAs usually processes over 100 company registration cases and related issues about company establishment.
Our clients can consult with certified public accountants and registered escrow officers, and our professionals will provide the solution at those clients’ best interests.

We support you by taking care of all the issues and affairs as well as all required working processes thoroughly as you start to establish your company.

We offer a great deal – MACUS BC Member packages, to address your concerns about time and expense and help you to set up your company at your choice.

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