MACUS Nanjing - CEO office

Advantages of CEO Office Rental Service at MACUS Business Center:
A Bargain at Any Price – MACUS BC is situated in a prime place with convenient access to major transport hubs to save your first investment, eliminate tedious preparation work and waste you no valuable time.  We have all the necessary equipment and facilities for quick office setup.  To celebrate our upcoming 5th anniversary, MACUS BC will waive the rent for four months for the first 20 VIP clients who sign a minimum one-year rental agreement.(an office more than 2 seats)  Please take advantage of this limited offer while it lasts.  We welcome all people, companies, and even new venture teams who would like to start up your new business or look for offices.  Please stop by MACUS BC, and our professional team will offer you with the most cost-effective plans and immediate support for problem resolutions. 
■ CEO Rental Office Service

   ● Unique style furniture/bright office space design/comfortable office layout (including high-end desks and chairs, drawer metal file cabinets, Cisco Telephony System and Fiber-optic Internet and Wi-Fi Wireless

 LAN facility to provide you with various types of office spaces and shapes for accommodating 1-6 persons at flexible rental rates to meet your unique business needs.


   ● Fashionable and High Quality Office Suite
   ● Office Chair with Ergonomic Design
   ● Cisco Telephony System
   ● Personal Mobile Drawer Cabinet
   ● Drawer Metal File Cabinet
   ● High Speed and Secure Fiber-Optic and Wi-Fi Wireless Internet Access

■ Services

   ● Secretary Service
   ● Translation/Interpretation Service
   ● High-Efficiency Business Printer
   ● Fax Machine 
   ● Color Scanner
   ● Board Meeting/Videoconferencing Rooms
   ● Greeting/Reception Rooms
   ● MACUS Business CEO Business Lounge & Cafe
   ● VIP One Stop Service

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